Erfahrungen zum Studium Vitality & Tourism Management an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

 Manuel Rosenthal

Manuel Rosenthal gives us an Intervies and told us about his Vitality and Tourism Management Study at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

What was the reason for choosing and applying for this course of studies at HZ Zeeland?
As a former graduate of the International School of Frankfurt and having completed my IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate), I have developed the interest in studying in an international environment. After interacting with people with diverse cultural backgrounds, I have come to truly enjoy working with people who have different cultures. Therefore, studying in the Netherlands at the HZ University of Applied Sciences was for me a chance I could not miss, also because this year is the first year where HZ offers the course Vitality Management and Tourism in English.

Where and how did you get informed about study possibilities?
At first, i checked the website which was very informative. I also have some friends who have applied and who are studying at the moment in the Netherlands. They gave me the suggestion to use Studielink for my applications. It is a helpful tool and can be compared to the UK application program named UCAS. Additionally, I have made some research in the Internet and also asked my University counselor for advice. Our former school was very helpful on the basis of finding the most suitable University for their students.

How did you acquire required language skills?
Since 4th grade I attended the international school of Frankfurt, where all subjects were taught in English. This simply gave me the acquired knowledge, topursue my higher education in English.

Where and how did you apply?
I only applied to three different universities, but all were in the Netherlands: Stenden Hogeschool, Saxion Hogeschool and the HZ University of Applied Sciences. For all the three, I have used the same application procedure (Studielink).

How did you find the flat?
During the summer, my parents, my brother and I drove to Vlissingen to find an apartment. We figured out that it is very difficult to find one without the help of an agent. After that, we were really lucky to find a suitable apartment for my brother and me. In my opinion, without the help of an agent, we would never find an apartment, especially during the summer time.

What were your first experiences/impressions (i.e. of the language)?
The very first impression I had was very positive. The teaching staff was helpful and nice and this created a comforting atmosphere. Another important factor which contributed to a good working environment was simply the small classes of up to 30 students. This gave me a sense of feeling safe because you can ask questions etc. compared when you sit in a lecture with 300 students or sometimes even more. At the beginning I was overwhelmed how the entire system functions, but soon there was a clear pattern visible.

What are, in your opinion, the advantages of studying in the Netherlands?
For me the most important advantage is that I have the opportunity to meet people with various cultural backgrounds. Since the age of 10 I am used to have international friends. For me, it makes the entire program very interesting.
Disadvantages of studying in the Netherlands?
I must admit that I do not have proper disadvantages for studying in the Netherlands.

What do you suggest to the German school-leavers who are interested in such a course of studies?
Due to the fact that I spent almost my whole school career in an international school and so I did not have the possibility to experience German schools, I only know little information which is not sufficient enough to make any suggestions to German school leavers.

What are your positive and negative experiences of study that you have gained till now?
Some positive experiences are simply that classes consist of only 30 students, which helps students to ask questions and get help.
Some negative experiences are: not every information is in English, the information of some technical devices are sometimes only in Dutch, but this is of course not so drastically. Also, the library offers one to two books per course, so it is very hard to lend a book.

What are your plans for the future?
This is very difficult to decide, but I think I am going to work in the tourism sector with the combination sports.

We thank Manuel Rosenthal.

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