Erfahrungen zum Studium Vitality & Tourism Management an der HZ University of Applied Sciences


Martynas who studies Vitality & Tourism Management at the HZ University of Applied Sciences shares his experience in this interview.

"Getting lost and wondering around the town for 3 hours in search of my hotel. This is how my first day started when I arrived to Netherlands, to be precise, to town called Vlissingen. Next day was the start of the introduction week at HZ University and this is where my long journey began. During the week we were introduced to our surroundings and it was more than introduction week. It was a week of meeting a lot of new friends from all over the world and this is one of the main reasons why these studies are so unique. You would never meet a lot of different people if you were to study in your own country. There was no particular reason why did I choose this university but once I arrived I realized that this university has a lot of offers for international students such as providing us with sport and cultural activities.

Furthermore, it is one of the best ways to improve your English and get acquainted with other languages or even to learn few of them. As time passed I realized that not only time flews faster here but that I am already studying Spanish and Dutch for nearly 3 months. Your roommates can also help you in teaching you another language and that is how I started doing self-study in French. The living in Netherlands is completely different compared to the country which I am from. In addition, Vlissingen is a coastal town which makes summer unbelievable great! I thought that I have missed the best months to enjoy summer because studies started in September but I was wrong. The weather remained great in September and at the moment we are still enjoying sunny weather even it is autumn already. Believe me or not, but there are still no signs of upcoming winter! For those of you who are still reading my story about living in Netherlands I should talk about studies in more detailed manner as some of you may be considering starting their higher education here. I am studying Vitality and Tourism management and it is relatively new studies as it’s only the first year of these studies in English. Studying equires a lot of time and most of the time there is plenty of reading to do. However, there are a lot of field trips and projects which makes these studies more practical-orientated. I should mention that work-practice is a ‘must’ and your study coach and colleges of him will try their best to give you as many opportunities as possible to fulfill your task and gain experience in the right sector.

Overall, it takes a while to adopt yourself to a new culture and new environment as it may be the first time being away from the home but there is no need to worry. HZ university’s staff is working hard to provide you with everything you need to make yourself feel like at home and there is no doubt that you will enjoy studying here, in an international way. The last thing I would like to say for everyone who is really interested in studying abroad that it is one of the best ways to broaden up your horizons and develop yourself. You are going to be amazed of how friendly and helpful people are and in no time you will be totally involved in your studies and several of other things which you have never thought of."

We thank Martynas for this interview!